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The rise of “libertarianism,” if we dare call it that, is the most dangerous trend in America.  Of course, I’m not talking about real Lockean-Jeffersonian libertarianism–you know, the kind that emphasizes civic virtue–but rather the Ayn Rand-style libertarianism that scapegoats the poor and turns politics into a game of thrones.  For them it’s sic semper tyrannis!  Revolution or bust, baby.

Like baboons and bad relatives, they do not go away easily.  Yesterday, Ron Paul, their beloved cranky uncle, spoke at a rally for Ken Cucinnelli, the “Tea Party” candidate for governor of Virginia.  And, according to Politico, it got real weird real fast.

“The Second Amendment was not there so you could shoot rabbits,” he said. “Right now today, we have a great threat to our liberties internally.”

That’s right, they’re not strapping it on for varmints, if you know what I mean.  What does it mean to say that “we have a great threat to our liberties internally?”  Is he suggesting some dangerous John Brown shit here? Not for the “negroes” mind you, but for the truly oppressed business owners and squatters who have a right to do whatever the hell they want.  It’s in the constitution…so they say.

But maybe I’m taking things out of context.  Maybe the good doctor was misquoted, or just mangled his words…or maybe Lew Rockwell really said it and Dr. Paul just absent-mindedly mouthed it.

Or maybe he meant it.  “The taxes involved there, they’re evil,” he said, speaking of the Affordable Healthcare Act. “They’re going to create class warfare, generational warfare” (again, quoted in Politico).

Evil?  Class warfare?  Given that he also invoked his much-beloved notion of nullification, I have a hunch where he’s going.  This is no longer just weird.  It is dangerous.  At what point are these supposed grievances going to morph into a “long train of abuses?”  These people scare the shit out of me, which is why I’m damned sure gonna fight ’em at the polls in the midterm elections.  And you should too.