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This performance–so obviously scripted, and delivered with such brazen force of blarney that even Newt Gingrich must have been surprised when no one in the audience laughed–is being cast as a triumph of political skill by an exhausted and cynical press.  “He took charge of the debate,” they proclaim.  But I have a feeling that it won’t do him much good in the long run.

Yes, in Republican circles bashing “the media” always plays well. It gave us Richard Milhous Nixon, after all.  And in this age of irony, even powerful elements of the media do it–Fox “News” comes to mind.  It is the magic wand that makes every serious critique of power, corruption, and greed just disappear.

But for those of us living outside the glass house of so-called “values” politics, how could Newt’s soliloquy not remind us of that golden era of jaw-dropping chutzpah in which Newt drew up articles of impeachment against that other famous philanderer, Bill Clinton…for lying about having an affair?  Oh, how I miss those “grandiose ideas” about moral responsibility and the rule of law, and all the other baloney that he tried to distract us with as he climbed the ropes of political power and slept with a congressional aide.

I know this is low hanging fruit, and I could honestly care less about what consenting adults do in their marriages, and in particular, with their sex lives, but good grief, this man is so deeply cynical that every other word that comes out of his mouth these days stretches the limits of gullibility–even in the realm of presidential politics.