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Mitt Romney speaks to capitalist children as John McCain tries to remember something (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Reporting from Manchester, New Hampshire–

Mitt Romney spent the day campaigning in what unnamed sources describe as a mental “fugue state.”  According to Los Angeles Times reporter Cathleen Decker, Romney delivered the following advice to a diverse group of old and young white people in Salem, NH (note: transcription provided by special Los Angeles Times Romney translator Sarah Palin).

Capitalism, free enterprise, works. Crony capitalism does not,” Romney said, raising the subject repeatedly during a one-hour gathering of supporters at a local Boys & Girls Club. This president has engaged and is engaging in  crony capitalism,” Romney said, adding that Obama had directed government resources to benefit ‘the big unions that helped out his campaign.’

When one of the event’s invited attendees, six-year-old Justin Bell of Salem, NH, suggested that unions have not historically been thought of as “capitalist” organizations, per se, Romney was clearly pleased.  “I know.  That’s what I’ve been saying!”