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stunned Cyclone fans celebrate upset of #2 Oklahoma State University (photo by A.M. Stephens)

Wow!  My kids’ first college football game, and they get this?  My daughter, who is eight, said, “Football is way better in real life!” I worry that every other game will be a let-down.  How could it not be?

Witnessing Jeff Woody’s will (and 240 pounds of steam), Jake Knott’s brilliant tip of Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden’s pass in the second overtime, and Ter’Ran Benton’s clutch interception of that same pass was absolutely breathtaking.  I overheard one woman of a certain age telling her friends as she exited the stands, “This is really hard on us old people.”  She had a broad smile on her face.

How about one more inspiring post-game speech from the man who put it all together, coach Paul Rhoads.