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The Big Game–the 1,000th “Game of the Century!”–is about to begin.  I’m an Oregon fan.  I follow them closely.  What LSU’s defense did to Oregon’s offense in the first game of the season was mind-blowing.  Oregon is fast, but LSU is fast and strong.  If Alabama beats LSU then hats off, and they should be in the championship game.  I don’t see it happening though.  LSU’s defense will win the day.

The only thing that makes me a little nervous about this pick is the fact that the game is on the road (at Alabama), and AT NIGHT.  Always a red flag in college football.  But I’ll stick with LSU in this one.  I haven’t seen a college team with that many great athletes on defense since those Miami teams of the 90s.  But both teams have great defenses.  The difference in this game, however, will be the LSU special teams–blocked kicks, kick coverage, and turnovers.   LSU creates turnovers.